March 11th, 2009

The Phab 4 Return

In this time of hard luck and bad news, it is nice to report some good news:  after almost five years, Phish has reunited, and they are back in top form.  They played for three nights in Hampton VA, three long concerts.  They made all of the shows available for download, and I got the first one.  It is over three and a half hours long!  In some ways, as they play a lot of these tunes that they first made popular (to their cult following) almost 20 years ago, they sound a little bit like a nostalgia act.  The vocals are a little ragged, reminding me of later Grateful Dead.  HOWEVER, many of these songs have livs of their own, long improvisation sections, and they really do sound different every night.  Hopefully, five years of being away from this music, and in some cases, substance abuse rehab, have given the band a fresh look at their old work.  A new album is also in the works.

In a
New York Times article, Trey indicated that he wanted to bring some joy to a depressed world, and i don't think it is too presumptious of him to say so.  They worked hard to come back, and already gave the world three full length live albums for free.  That is a nice way of saying thanks to fans like me who could not be there, but who have trekked long distances to support the band in the past, and will in the future.