April 10th, 2009

EP Review: UKZ/Radiation

I just got this EP on i-Tunes for 4 bucks, it is now available for download.

This is a strong new release, the best cut is probably the title track, which you can see, hear, and experience for free on Youtube here:


This is the only one of the four tracks on the EP to feature all of the band members.

Eddie Jobson opens the track with some dark CS-80 sounding pads, after which Trey and Marco pound out the heavy rhythm. Lippert's vocals are a little coarse, but they suit the material. I like how Trey uses two or three heavy bass tones on his Warr Guitar. Alex gives us some heavy grooves and Holdsworth style soloing, but he is an original prodigy nonetheless. I like how his solo blends seamlessly into Eddie Jobson's violin solo.

Track 2 is "Houston", as in "Houston, we have a problem", (Apollo 13) which is a bit of a cliche on lost love. Still, Aaron Lippert shows that he is a strong lyric singer here. Trey contributes a beautiful guitar solo with one of his trademark tones. No drums on this track.

Track 3 is called "Tu-95", and is an instrumental. There are some prog rock cliches here, like a 4/4 riff played against a 7/8, but it is a good listen all the same. It shows what an influence Trey Gunn was on that great late-90's King Crimson band.

The EP finishes up with a guitar solo from Alex, "Legend", showing the Holdsworth influence again.