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Whitesnake Retrospective Day 3: 1979

So, we are up to 1979, and Whitesnake's second full length album, "Lovehunter".  The album is well known for it's album cover that could have been from Spinal Tap ("Smell the Glove" anyone?).  A little less bluesy, and a little more hard edged than its predecessor, it had a few good tunes like "Long Way from Home", the title track, and "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues"*.  Pretty ballsy to sing:

"I love the blues, they tell my story
if you don't feel it you can never understand"

I suppose, coming from a working class Yorkshire background, Dave Coverdale has paid his dues.

The heavy organ is still a part of the Whitesnake sound, as is the three part vocal harmonies.  This was also the last album to feature Dave Dowle on drums, and as much as I admire and respect those who took his place, I always thought he was the Whitesnake drummer.  This was also the last Whitesnake album to feature a song not sung by Coverdale, "Outlaw", a nice Bernie Marsden tune with some Moog stylings from Mr. Lord.

next stop:  are you ready?  and willing????

*this is the oldest video I could find of this song, the drummer here is Ian Paice who did not play on the record, as far as I know.  Low audio/video quality but it shows what a fun band this must have been live.
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