jerseyray (jerseyray) wrote,

Whitesnake Retrospective Day 4: 1980

1980 - a new decade, but more of the same from the 'snakes.  Ready and Wiling was the first album to feature Ian Paice on drums, bringing the number of Deep Purple alumni up to three, or 50% of the band.  With this lineup they released "Ready an' Willing".  And as the cover art shows, they were a bunch of tough hombres, ready and willing to do anything!  The album kicked off with what would be old Whitesnake's biggest hit, "Fool for Your Loving".  So great in fact that a re-make was done during the hair-band years with Steve Vai.  But who cares about that, this was a catchy tune in the original version.  I love the bass line of this tune, one of my all time favorites from Neil Murray.  He takes a simple chord progression and dances around with it in lockstep with Paicey's busy drum part. (and check out his hat in the vid).

Also in 1980, they released a live album, "Live in the Heart of the City" which had several versions on LP, CD, and cassette through the years.  Even though it wasn't on the live album, here is a very nice live clip from that era of "Ain't Gonna Cry No More", which was on Ready an' Willing.  This song has everything that made Whitesnake great: Coverdale in full cry, the two guitar attack, vocal harmonies, and some tasty Moog from Mr. Lord.  Enjoy.
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