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Concert Roundup

Well, gee where do I begin, this has been quite a concert season for ol' Ray.  I'll be seeing the NJSO do the Shostakovich #5 this week, to cap off the year.  Let me see if I can remember all the concerts/operas I saw since September:

NY City Opera doing Barber's "Vanessa" in October. 
Lidia Kaminska with her tango group at the Kimmel Center in October
NJSO playing the Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2/Dvorak Violin concerto in November
NJSO (w/Brittany Sklar) playing the Brahms violin concerto, plus Ravel and Haydn; in November
NJSO doing the Mahler #2 in November
Tempesta di Mare in January, playing music of Janitsch, "rescued by the Red Army"
NJSO doing the Sibelius #2 in February
Philadelphia Orchestra playing Holst's Planets in March
NJSO doing the Brahms #3 in March
Allentown Symphony Orchestra playing the Mahler #5 in April
Philadelphia Orchestra playing the Mahler #8 (wow) on April 30
Piffaro, the Renaissance band, playing Elizabethian favorites, May 2
Symphony in C , with Lidia Kaminska, playing the Piazzolla concert on May 3

All outstanding events!  Lidia was great last week playing the Piazzolla concerto on the bandoneon, which she had just started playing last year.  Coming from chromatic accordion, this is not a great leap, but she had to really work to get her virtuoso chops transferred over to the new instrument in just a few months time!  Bravo, Lidia!

As great as that was, the Mahler 8 was the greatest orchestral concert I have ever seen.  Eschenbach was in his element, this is the music he is meant to conduct.  All of the soloists, the choruses, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Verizon Hall itself, all were perfect.  If you don't know this piece of music, then you just wouldn't understand!  And as great as Jarvi's Mahler 2 was, (and it was great), the 8 is just on a whole other level.

So, the Shostakovich 5 will round out a fine year of concerts.  I am looking forward to Jarvi's interpretation, as he was a protege of Mravinsky, who was closely associated with Shostakovich's music and the composer himself.

See you at the hall!


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