jerseyray (jerseyray) wrote,

King Crimson

I saw King Crimson at the Keswick Theater Monday night, they were as good as ever, though I miss Trey Gunn. Tony Levin was adequate in covering the Trey tunes from recent years (Construction of Light, Level Five) but his tone didn't seem quite up to snuff for that material. However it was nice hearing Tony's singing voice, and some of those classic 80's King Crimson songs that really required his singing: "Three of a Perfect Pair", "Frame by Frame", and others.

I thought that the sound was ok, but the bass was kinda weak throughout, the sound guy could have done more to bring that out. They had two drummers, which caused a lot of buzz among my friends, but I thought they would have been just fine with one.

After the show I ran into Markus Reuter, all the way from Germany, which was a nice surprise. I had not seen him since 2004, and he had just been in Belgium for the tapping seminar. So for a few minutes it was nice to catch up on old times.
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