jerseyray (jerseyray) wrote,

pet peeves with chat/Skype

Why is it that so many are lurking these days, "invisible" on Skype or Google chat?  That is my pet peeve - when somebody is "invisible" and they want to chat with me.  From now on my policy is not to respond.  If they have a visible status as "off line", then they are off line. If you wanna chat, turn on the green light.  Otherwise it becomes a one way street "you can only talk to me when it's convenient for me to call you, don't dare think of calling me".

Less irritating is when someone has the green light on, and I try a Skype call and I get the old flusheroo (when people refuse a Skype call, it sounds like a toilet flushing).  If you aren't available to chat, then why is the green light on?  This is irritiating, but I understand, as I often walk away from my computer for a few minutes, leaving my status as green light.  But if I list myself as avaiable, I won't refuse a chat or a call outright. 

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